The Performance Collective

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The Performance Collective is an autonomous, non-hierarchical ensemble with shifting membership that trains together and makes work on the horizontal. We make original performance pieces in theaters and other spaces. We play with bodies in time and space. We make the familiar strange. We do the unnecessary. We are a problem. We produce new imaginaries.  We make art and trouble.

The Performance Collective was founded in 2009 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill while regularly meeting for workshops in the Viewpoints.  Our first piece was created in the context of a course (Performing Consumer Culture): Buy Me!: An anti-capitalist cavalcade.  This piece set the tone for the work that has followed: works that are challenging and innovative, that bring together humor and lofty ideas, are brazenly excessive and stridently meticulous, with a commitment to and focus on issues of social justice.  As our student members graduated, we stopped making performances in the context of courses and now make work on the UNC campus and off, in North Carolina and around the world.

Founding members who made The Performance Collective into a Thing:

Nic Anthony

Cameron Ayres

Lori Baldwin

Victoria Facelli

Rachel Lewallen

Peter Pendergrass

Tony Perucci


The Performance Collective Production History

In an Interrogative Mood (coming 2016), Chapel Hill, NC

Freak Out! (2013), Chapel Hill, NC

(You Yourself We We Are Are We) Even Here (2013), San Francisco, CA

Of Lamb (2012), Chapel Hill, NC

Eating Animals (2011), Chapel Hill, NC

Keinen Grund (No Reason) (2011), Berlin, Germany

Dreamlife (2011), Chapel Hill, NC

A Movement of Movements (2011), Chapel Hill, NC

The Spectacular Spectakle (2011), Chapel Hill, NC

Sterilize (2010-11), Durham and Chapel Hill, NC

Spitting into the Wind (2010), Chapel Hill, NC

The Activist (2010), Chapel Hill, NC

For the Traveler (2010), Chapel Hill, NC

Hard as Diamonds (2009), Chapel Hill, NC

Buy Me!: An anti-capitalist cavalcade (2009), Chapel Hill, NC

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