As Associate Professor of Performance Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tony Perucci teaches courses that bring together the critical and the creative, the political and the aesthetic, the spectacular and the mundane, and the word and the act. His teaching focuses on guiding students to take risks, create collaboratively, leap into the unknown and discover The New Thing for themselves.

Upcoming classes at UNC-CH

Fall 2017

COMM 61 First Year Seminar: The Politics of Performance

ARTS/COMM 637 Social Practice and Performance Art (co-taught with Professor Hong-An Truong)

Spring 2018

COMM 464 Collaborative Performance

COMM 704 Communication and Discourse (co-taught with Professor Kumi Silva)

Recently Taught Courses

Graduate Seminars

Comm 711 Performance as Method

Comm 842 Performance and Cultural Studies: Surveillance, Spectacle, Simulation

Upper-division Courses for Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Comm 664 Paranoia in Performance

Comm 665 Performing Consumer Culture

Comm 667 Performance Activism

Undergraduate Courses

Comm 464 Performance Composition

Comm 160 Introduction to Performance Studies